Tuesday, December 3, 2013


sooooooo its been well over a year now since Shebaroosome became a member of the household and hopefully a friend to MilaMonster. THEY are buds at times, although, Mila being the older does take lots of time outs. Sheba (black) still has a ways to go, will she EVER quit functioning at FULL SPEED AHEAD??? She has learned a LOT and listens most of the time. SHE can even open her own crate door now and semi speaks amongst many other things. SHE is a great dog and so smart. ITS a shame the people that had her her first 9 months of life didn't know how to work with what would be a LARGE DOG.  Oh yes, they are half Rhodesian Ridgeback and half Labrador. THEY do have the ridge down their back. I know Sheba must have really loved the little girl that begged for her. ANY time she hears a child when we are out walking, she reallllly wants to go see where the sound is coming from. Its a shame so many people get a puppy and months later , they have some sort of reason to get "rid" of it. Craigs list has them by the gillions. I could so be a dog hoarder.
 HA, i know Mila will be glad to see her slow down also. Silly Sheba trys to move her about the yard by the collar.

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Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

hahaha, she has been taking lessons from the 2 donkeys in the pasture next door. they chase each other and lead each other by their big ol long ears!