Monday, November 25, 2013

A new Friend For BANITA, maybe

SOOOOO, a bit of an Edit, I read my post and I think I neglected to mention, this picture is of the kitty recovering from the broken leg and MIGHT soon be living at my corner of the world, I think she has a name, but im not crazy about it, and she probably doesn't know it anyway. And she does have pins in her leg that will have to be removed or checked.
SO, I may have found a new friend for Banita since her buddy Bogy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. SHe has really followed me all over the place and talked to me more than she ever did. I guess I didn't realize how close they were. I wasn't going to get more critters anytime soon, but this one is in NEED of a home. A really great lady saw her tossed from a car and stopped to pick her up. She took her to the Vet , she did have a broken leg. SAD, but the ladies husband would not let her keep the cat, so she is paying for the surgery, spaying and vaccinations.  A friend of mine has her recuperating at her house before she is spayed. In about a month she goes back for spaying and then SHE MIGHT be coming to my house. I could not take her in at the moment due to my big dogs going in and out of the house. I need her to be able to be outside at times. For now she is NO NAME,as far as i know. Im partial to kitty names with B. AND HAAAAAA, my friend that has her is very much a cat lady, so who knows she might just keep her. NO BIGGEE.

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Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

If it's meant to be it will be. Let us know.

Banita is really cute!