Monday, September 10, 2012

AT LONG LAST after much heartache and bone aches

SOOOOO, the chicken venture has not been the easiest challenge i have ever taken on. WHO knew how silly and delicate the critters can be? NOT ME!!! I so fall in love with any critter i attempt to take on and so it goes with the chickens, I probably should not have named them??? SO, i started with five and now i am down to three due to some illness, maybe coccidiosis, and beginning to wonder if they would ever lay an egg.  BUT AT LONG LAST YESTERDAY was the day. I think i intturppeted the process since i was in the chicken house doing weekend chores and remaking the roost poo catcher. MISS Shay-bar came indoors, not a normal thing, sat on the roost watching me, i should have left. and I did finally take the hint, but was still working outside the house. maybe that is why she chose to lay that FIRST wonderful brown egg in the outdoor 2nd space of three in the sand???? Maybe today will bring a second or third surprise? ONE can only dream. by the way, HOW long will an egg last in the fridge???? LOL
PS, i should have chosen a smaller bowl, this one makes it look way tiny so a friend told me.

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The Japanese Redneck said...

some people put golf balls in the next box to encourage them to lay where they want them

i never washed mine until ready to use and leave them out as long as a week