Monday, September 10, 2012

NEW seester for the MILAMOnster

WELLL, the MIlaMonster is seven now and I decided I better get another puppa before she gets any older, HER GET OLDER??? I should have said myself, becuase this new puppa is soooooooo full of life,,, I wanted one similar to the MIla, and as such I found this one on Craigs list (another story in the making)so many puppas listed there, WELL, I found one, Labrador/Rhodesian mix, which I and others call Labrodesian or is that Labradesian??? Nevertheless, she is Black, 9 months old, and SEVENTYNINE lbs already. AM I CRAZY??? More later. SUffice it to say, she is a handful, which is the reason her family was looking for her a new home, SHE is smart and learning already, but wow, never again, will i adopt one of that age and size. OH never say never!!!


The Japanese Redneck said...

She's pretty! I hope they are getting along good!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a Labradesian. So does another person I have since met. They are very intelligent, very loving, and very moody and emotional - they are comparable to having to deal with a small child. You will love her.