Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bird House Gourd Vines

well, its been a month or so since the last picture of the birdhouse gourd vines, they have really grown, there are many gourds too, I did have to cut a couple off since i was banging my head when i mowed the grass inside the dog kennel for the MilaMonster. I think i have found homes for most of the larger Gourds, I guess they are going to make birdhouses out of them??? they still have a bit of growing time left though.
I did also plant a mix of gourd seeds, there are a few others growing but smaller, i noticed a new one yesterday that is really different, the package called them decorator gourds. if they survive, should make nice fall deco.


The Japanese Redneck said...

They look like they are happy. I bet this rain made them really jump up and grow.

If you have a bunch, save some seeds for me. I keep saying I'm going to plant some, but somehow never get around to it.


trailrider731 said...

no problem Ramona,Ill save some seeds for you.
Some of my gourd vines came up this year on there own, I also have loofa vines growing in another spot,all from last year. they take over but due to the wierd weather this year I may not get sponges, but last year , WOW, sponges galore!!! I mixed in a few cucumbers but really didn't do much tlc, so they havn't done well, I'm going to try and do some narrow beds around the kennel, So far the Mila Monster hasn't bothered the gourds unless she sees me with them.