Monday, July 27, 2009

Memories 3 sisters

hay hay, This picture was taken at one of my favorite trailrides, in Emminence Missouri. Two of my sisters went along on these rides, the Youngest never really got into the horses or there would have been four sisters in this picture.
This is one of my fav pictures, maybe not the best, but brings back lots of memories,

this picture is like a memorial to my sister Carolyn who now walks rides with the Lord due to Lung Cancer almost 4 years ago. It still feels like yesterday and I miss her so,, even if we did have our SIBLING rivalry moments and there were MANY, some funny of course.


the best is yet to come!!!


The Japanese Redneck said...

I think I've seen this picture in your office. I'm sorry I didn't realize you had lost your sister during that time.

It takes a long time getting over the pain. But, I dont' think we should ever get over the missing. Because to me that shows how much we loved them so.


trailrider731 said...

hay Ramona, I totally agree, thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Big time.

PS , no more bowling ball games???
till the next time!