Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Whoever heard of a Whatchmacallit Tree?

Ok, I delayed posting Christmas 2016 because I really meant to add a video but it just aint happening. so here goes my messy table,
 ONE whatchamacallit tree for a very special person,
 my Christmas Carousel (plays music) I've had for maybe 25 years, kinda scruffy sounding.
 Milamonster with here sad dog antler look.
 ShebaROOSEOME, the black dog that wouldn't be still (antlers demolished).  BEWARE HER TAIL, its like a piece of CONDUIT. Really though, she is a smart great dog, walks on a leash like a dream.
TWO new collars for the puppas, I have to add new phone tags before switching them out.
A GUM BALL tree for the office made from the branch of a really thorny mean lemon tree. Second one, someone bought the first one for 5 whole dollars.

1 comment:

The JR said...

Well you have more XMAS spirit going on than we do.

Have nothing NADA, up and decorated. Have not even brought the XMAS mosaics down from upstairs. Mainly cuz we know nobody is coming over.

We are suppose to go to his Mom's this Sunday. She'll have her thing then.

Looks good. Love the puppa's