Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mole Quest

SO, who needs a tiller when they have the Shebaroosome. sometimes her head is buried past her ears. with the semi drought going on in Central Mississippi, the moles are looking for areas the slugs or what're they eat drift away to.
Sheba is on a mission and follows the trails, digging along their trails for several feet at times. Could this be my next garden area?? Well, maybe if I fence it off form the puppas. Mila also participles at times. I really have to watch walking the area. Ankle twisters DELUXE.
and yes, she does catch one from time to time.
Sure would be nice if she could dig post holes.

1 comment:

The JR said...

hahaha, they won't dig where you want them too. but, if you had a garden the cats would be in it too.

we need rain!