Thursday, February 18, 2016

Presidents day!!!! 2016

 Below the pond towards the house
 Backside of pond, make shift walking bridge underwater but still there.
 view from down side of pond where dam broken, plenty water
 back yard, so much rain, drains fast though. Shebraroosome patrolling for deer, stole one of my orange towels for wet feet .
 back yard with view of pond run off.
 more of the pond run off, there is a walk way bridge in there somewhere.
 Another view of the back yard.  water no longer sitting, I must live in a bottom,
 rain rain go away!!
SHEBAROOSOME, ever faithful, watching for deer!! I thought I was going to have to hunt a safer place, mighty thunder!!!

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The JR said...

We got a ton of rain too! I think they said we even had some 100+ mph winds in Copiah County.

We have the side creek that looked like a mini river. It's a rainy day creek. But, it's been running all week because there was so much water.