Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Castle Mott progress

WEll then, I've made a bit more progress on Castle Mott, the rescued Box turtle enclosure. I added a feeding station July 4 weekend. This to prevent Ants from invading and taking his food. He Loves his pool and water for sure. (even though he is a Land turtle) I'm still working on making it a bit more cohesive to the pool, more rocks to add. the stream from his pool will feed into it to help keep the moat filled with water to repell ants, meanwhile I am researching plants that repel ants. I have found a few and actually had some growing in the yard, but who knew I would need them before cutting grass. Its amazing what we do for our critters. I really did not mean to spend as much as i have building this enclosure. BUT its been fun.

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Well, he's a lucky turtle!

Good luck on getting rid of the ants.