Thursday, October 21, 2010

Horse Killer

LOL, did you really think I had a REAL horse killer on hand? No , just a pretend one, just the newbie, BANITA kitty!! I have enjoyed her but a bit worrisome as its been a while raising a youngster. She is pretty much outdoors now full time, although I have been locking her up at night and when I am not home for a few more weeks, well except last night, because I COULD not find her! I called and called her till around 9PM. gave up and crashed for the evening, FIRST thing i did at 3 this morning, check the storage room and WALLLAH,,, there she was snoozing in her brand new bed!! I gave that kitty a piece of my mind for sure!! will she do it again? I expect so!

the best is yet to come!!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Those kitty brats can worry us too death!

Cute picture and I luv that horse.

Susie said...

Funny little story. Like your horse figurine. Very cute.