Thursday, May 4, 2017

Storm days , April will not be missed.

OK, so it looks like lovely weather, this was between storms... April went out like a blast. I was just too tired to come to work Monday and Tuesday.. WHO knew electric could be so missed? Two and a half days, no electric. I've let my generator sit too long between cranks, must do something about that, but i really didn't think it would take so long to get electric back... little did i know.. SO I was up way early as always Sunday... doing this and that. The weather dude says take cover it coming your way... I've been taking all that with a grain of salt lately since they really say it all the time now. well things got worse. I ended up in a closet wrapped in a queen size really think memory bed pad for the worst of it. It was scary. and of course, electric GONE.
All i have now is a cell phone. I;m trying to call Entergy,, although i'm sure it was already reported. AND MY CELL PHONE SAYS EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY. I could call NO ONE. I could TEXT no one. I COULD EMAIL NO ONE. well at least for 45 minuets.
I crawl out,,, and i have NO ELECTRIC and NO WATER?????? NO WATER???? i call and leave a message at the water company,,, not them..... so i drive around in the rain to 3 neighbors asking if they have water, they do. AND some had damage to their roof. UPROOTED trees, 4 of which are on the property line, and will probably eventually fall across the driveway... they are holding each other up. BIG TREES.
Back to the water. so, i walk the water line. almost one thousand feet. Closer to the house,,, a LARGE tree limb sticking straight up... WHO KNEW,,, the limb stuck into the ground and BROKE the water line. i stuck my arm down the hole to my shoulder. and yep. BROKE.
so back to the road , trying to turn off water with channel locks. ( I now have the correct tool and lots of bruises.
I did manage to get a friend out for a temp fix on the water line. he had to get more parts and we will check again for those nasty drips.
guess i'll have a large water bill, since its the same month the water heater went out.
its been rough,,, and more to come. Some personal issues going on also that can be major for a family member. Only time will tell.

sorry for the humongous book... more for my benefit in years to come.
OH the picture is after electric was back, but i called Entergy back later in the day because a limb was still on the line, which i could see causing more power surges very soon.

APRIL, BE GONE. MAY please get better.

PS, at least the Limb that broke the water line didn't come through the roof. yeahhhhhhhhhh,

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The JR said...

Sorry to hear about the damage. Our water bill was higher this past time because dummy #1 (that would be me), left the water to the water trough on all night. But, I can say it was not as high as when dummy #2 (that would be hubby) left it on 2 different times in the same billing cycle.

It suks not having power. I hate it. I hate it even more to have to be on generator because it's so loud.

Believe me I understand about family issues. We've had some doosies in our's. I could write a book.

Hope things in May are much better.