Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day , More cleanup.

Agggggggggggggg, another tree tops down, but this time in the back yard, not the driveway, These are my River Birches that i love, Two very large parts of the tree came down Partially, I managed to lop off the smaller limbs yesterday and toss. I'll have to wait for it to die and come on down. but at least i can cut grass around it now.  I've had plenty of rain and storms lately!!!! TWO power surges this weekend, at least i didn't lose power. These limbs came down on top of a little tree RD gave me, It did suffer a bit, but i think it will be OK.

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The JR said...

Oh crap it! I hate it when stuff falls all over the place.

Hopefully, it will come back. We accidentally took a tree down on top of one of my small Mexican Papaya's. Hopefully, it will be okay too.

...........always something.