Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Madness

Sunday storms again,,, not as bad as a couple weeks ago, but tree damage from the first storm, caught up with me this week. I knew those trees were coming down, i was hoping for a breathing space, as i have had soooo  much hitting my pocket book in April and May.. I have to admit, a WONDERFUL thing happened in February, but its been a bit downhill since.
This is my driveway from the street side, NO ,, I could not get out yesterday morning to come to work. I did find a guy, off a local website on FB from Utica that arrived yesterday morning to make a path so i could get out. I do not know what they charge for tree work, but I think i got a good price for all the moving he did by himself, When i sent pictures, i told him it was worse than it looked. I did give him an extra 50, I also didn't have him haul it off. just pushed to the side. I'll probably find someone who might need firewood, a good bit is oak. He had to cut them small enough to move, so whoever gets it may not have a lot of cutting to do. I will use him again as he made time on his way to full time job, plus when i called him , he was on his way home from Florida.
the last picture is the pond full from the rain,, went down fast though.

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The JR said...

That stunk. Are those power lines down in the tree?

Glad he was able to help you out.