Tuesday, May 16, 2017

could it be Orange??? almost???

Well a corally orange maybe, not bad for a Walmart find. I really need to get serious about an ORANGE ROSE. I saw some on ebay,,, kinda expensive i thought and no guarantee it will make it, although I have bought plants on ebay in the past.

I used to LOVE shopping at Huttos in the Ellis Ave area of Jackson,, my fav store years back, not so crazy about the area now, but they used to have plenty Roses to choose from.

AND WAY back in the day, it was a great place to shop for horse related items.

oh the garden tools they have, some a bit pricey though.

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The JR said...

Pretty. My roses are showing out now. I will have an orange one coming up soon on a post.

I like Hutto's too. But, they are a bit expensive.