Wednesday, March 29, 2017

First beautiful Boxie of 2017

OFFICIALLY SPRING, when the 3 toed Boxies arrive!!! this one was crossing my drive in front of gate when i was arriving back home from grociery shopping. i didn't get a great picture of HER?? head but wow, what ORANGE.. looks to have been in a small accident once upon a time, but all healed up, a small chunk missing on front of shell. I had to stop and move her to get in gate. but i do that anyway!!! WOW what rain we had that day. well a couple days, Lost electric Monday evening around 7 and finally got it back Tuesday at noon. Kinda glad i was at work, but getting ready by flashlight, i may have been a bit rugged looking. HAA

1 comment:

The JR said...

You changed your format. I like the orange too!

I have not seen any turtles yet. I'm always watching the road to make sure some don't need help across.

I think we are going to get some more of that rain today.