Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Goose That Came to Stay!

Well, here we have Papa and Mama, No baby Goslings, Dunno what happened, didn't hatch or SOMETHING ate them?????????? From what I have read, maybe a good thing, But I sure was thinking it would be fun to watch them grow. The geese have flown away to better ponds, I think they check in every now and then, Looks like them, but whose to say?

Well Actually Two of them, This is Papa Goose, Mama goose sitting on a nest I do believe,Not the best shot, but it is what it is thanx to new camera and decent zoom.
There was a humongous fight a couple weeks ago between this couple and another. I thought it was just a quick visit, but Looks like these two decided to stay. I dunno if that is good or not after reading a few articles on line.
I guess I'll know for real in another two/three weeks if I see babies following along behind. WELL if they survive the snakes/coyotes/fox etc.
Maybe I'll get lucky and be able to add a picture of mama on nest. I barely can see her from certain angles in the yard across the pond , and I AM NOT going around thru the briars, not to mention I read they are very protective. PAPA sure swims around on the guard, he has chased away many a crane!

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