Wednesday, February 17, 2010

are WE tired of Mississippi snow pix yet? LOL

I Know , I know, just some more snow pix, but its just unheard of here in my part of the world, well almost, the snowman was down the street, I just didn't have it in me to complete mine. AND how can you do snow pix without a snowman?
then we have the back yard with pond,,,, My own cut thru walk path, I had to do some funny shennaigans to walk thru with all the bent over limbs, HAY I only lost electric for 5 hours!! and OF COURSE the MILA MONSTER,,, she was not impressed with snow, especially after it formed a crust the next day.. THE SNOW is almost gone now in my neck of the woods, a few really pitiful snowman remnants here and there. LOL, gotta love it when you can stay home!!! WHICH I DID!!!!
the best is yet to come!!!!


The Japanese Redneck said...

I stayed at home too! You know my group is suppose to come in no matter what.

How's that phrase for the postal service go .... "thru flood, sleet, snow, dead of night" - well something like that.

I told my boss unless she called me and told me to come in I wasn't driving that far. They don't pay my deductible if my car get's wrecked.

Me, I'm glad the snow is gone. Too hard taking care of critters in bad weather.

Susie said...

The snow is such a rarity here. I've enjoyed seeing all of the pics. But I must say I am enjoying the blue skies and sunshine today much more.